Communication touches every aspect of our client relationship and is critical in the successful operation of any business. Bearence is first and foremost a communications company — with management regarding the course and strategy of business operations and the marshalling of resources to meet their goals, in the protection of assets while the business grows and flourishes, and with the critical decisions about business succession planning. We communicate with employees regarding their personal risk management, decisions they make in their benefits choices, asset protection, and long-term financial planning for retirement. The most important part of our service to you is communication.


Bearence Management Group Communication Services:


Bearence can assist with employee safety meetings and compliance communication. Regular meetings can help make employees acutely aware of the potential hidden costs to your business when one of them is injured. Plus, these meetings help convey the consistent quality of your work product when processes are not reduced with work-flow interruptions.


We are dedicated to providing clear communication to our customers regarding the roles and expectations we each have in our relationship together. We believe it is so important in our work together that we provide a written client service agreement signed by both parties to ensure we are communicating throughout the plan year.


Communicating the value of your benefits programs to employees is the most critical communication challenge you face in retaining valuable employees. Bearence compiles benefit summaries and communicates their value to your individual employees. This communications process, which can be offered in employee meetings or via web-based or call-center-based operations, is crucial in the appropriate access to and usage of the benefits made available to employees.


To assist clients, their employees and their employee’s dependents with 24/7 access to their employee benefits plan descriptions, provider lists, financial planning resources, business insurance, personal insurance and human resources tools. Bearence offers personalized, web-based client portals to clients, thus enhancing the communications experience.


Bearence provides our clients access to high-quality, online training in the areas of employee safety, human resources, wellness and environmental curriculum. Our unique solution helps you and your company achieve employee training goals. When compared to traditional classroom-based instruction, online training reduces training costs, training time, improves trainee comprehension rates, and provides for consistent, enterprise-wide delivery of training content. With our training center, you will have access to more than 200 employee training courses.


Our goal at Bearence is to educate and inform our clients of industry-related material as it becomes available. We communicate with a quarterly newsletter, send educational and legislative material electronically as well as host seminars and roundtables at each of our locations.

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