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Identity Theft

A low cost employee benefit that you can offer as a value-add.

Did You Know

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America today, and the only crime "where the suspect is presumed innocent before proven guilty, and the victim is presumed guilty until proven innocent."


Privacy Rights Clearing House

For as little as $1 per month, employees can be given the peace of mind knowing that if the unthinkable happens, they have immediate access to help.


What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft or fraud is taking a victim's identity to:

•  Withdraw money or make purchases with an existing account.

•  Obtain credit or take out a loan.

•  Establish new accounts with financial institutions, utility companies, wireless carriers, etc.

•  Obtain employment using your good record.

•  Commit a crime using your identity or use your identity when caught committing a crime.

•  Much more…


Why Identity Theft is Such a Problem

•  The Federal Trade Commission reports that identity theft is the #1 consumer complaint in America

    today. At least 27.3 Million victims of identity theft in the past five years.

•  Every 79 seconds, a thief steals someone's identity, opens accounts in the victim's name and

   goes on a buying spree.

•  An estimated 9.91 million Americans were victims in 2002 (most recent results available).

•  Losses totaled almost $50 billion.

•  In one year, victims spent almost 300,000,000 hours resolving the problems (equal to more than

   3,700 average lifetimes of work).

•  Even when there are no monetary losses, you could have your good credit ruined or even face

   criminal charges.


The Victims

Despite all the publicity about high-profile victims like movie stars, sports heroes, and captains of industry, the truth is that Middle Americans are the most victimized. Some of those most at risk are:

•  Seniors

•  Students

•  Persons buying/selling property and/or moving

•  Frequent travelers (business or pleasure)

•  Professionals who deal with the public


Indicators of Identity Theft

•  Unusual purchases on credit cards

•  Denial for a loan

•  Bank statements and personal records don't agree

•  Unexplained change of access codes, passwords, and pin numbers

•  Missing credit card bills or other confidential mail

•  Unusual calls about personal/financial information

•  Unexplained changes on telephone or consumer accounts


What to do about Identity Theft

Caution combined with self-monitoring (watching bills monthly and getting a free credit report annually) and a "real-time" restoration plan is the best and most cost-effective option.








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