There are many hidden costs in protecting your risk picture beyond just insurance premiums and claim dollars. For example, good hiring practices can reduce hidden costs such as workers’ compensation claims, retraining costs, and unemployment costs. Hiring well also can play a big part in the quality of your end product or service including your internal company morale. Bearence can help you put processes in place that will reduce exposure to future hidden cost.


We’ll show you how making strategic investments in your business today can improve the quality of your product/service and your employees’ work environment, as well as save costly and unexpected financial loss in the future. One of our goals is to help you prioritize risk investment timetables that will help you recoup the largest returns to your bottom-line annually.



Bearence Management Group Investment Services:


Creative and integrated loss-reduction solutions is what Bearence Risk Control Services is committed to providing for its clients. We can assist you with a workplace safety analysis, a safety manual, and in meeting your compliance-related objectives, as well as providing reliable “nuts and bolts” safety training.


Managing your insurance cost by reducing claim costs is critical to your insurance program. Our claims advocates work on your behalf with our carriers to manage the process associated with your claims. An outline of our customized services is available.


Your management team wants to find ways to reduce costs and improve exposure to financial loss. That’s why Bearence will evaluate the key risk exposures your current insurance and safety programs face, and will identify strengths.


We will help you establish a process to protect your extended liability. Whether you are gathering insurance certificates from your vendors, or your vendors are requesting you to provide them an insurance certificate, you need a process to manage your liability that is being shared.


Investing in your employees is generally one of the top two or three investments any employer will make. We perform a full audit of your benefits offerings, including an examination all of your contracts within your program. We will determine if there are missing elements, redundancies/overlaps, compliance issues, and/or cost savings available with your current programs.


The greatest single investment for most businesses is in their employees. We can help you reap the most out of that investment with Bearence HR Solutions – a comprehensive, professional Human Resources service specially designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. We will focus on your employees and provide HR expertise, flexibility, and personalized service so you can focus on your business.


How do your investments stack up? Bearence offers a wide variety of benchmarking tools that help you understand how you investments in your business are working.

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